"Mum, do you remember the last time I was bored? I was thinking, it feels like I grew out of boredom."
Mum: "(laughter) "You don't have TIME to be bored!!"
A lack of {free} time equals a lack of wordage. [I can't say I lack time as I have the same 24 hour allotment as the rest of the world. But I'm not as planned as I could be and blogging falls more under the free category than the priority category}
There isn't much in me to write either. Scratch that. There is plenty that God is doing and revealing. I think I am lacking the inclination and time more than the thoughts.
{It is not because of facebook. I dearly love my friends, but I dislike facebook.}
This quiet phase will pass.


a voice in the desert... said...

I know what you mean!

Mac said...

Me too, although I hope it doesn't last for more than a year!

Lee said...

Happy Birthday Damaris!

Andrew said...

Happy Birthday!

Lee said...

WHy hasn't anyone posted in weeks?