oh. so. precious.

baby bingley has arrived! :)
ethan michael ascough arrived finally at 3:41 this morning. He was 5lbs 11oz, 5 weeks early, and gorgeous. (i am not of the opinion that all babies are beautiful--but he is. oh so presh. of course i am not a biased almost-aunt or anything.) be forewarned, the next paragraph is girlish talk from someone who came home at 5 this morning and awoke before 8. read at your own peril!
i am freshly in awe at God's creative genius. last night i was at florida hospital south for 9 hours. i'm far more familiar with that place than i ever wished to be, but now i remember it's possible to be in a hospital for joyous reasons. i was blessed to partially witness the amazing amazing gift from God called birth. oh my soul. i was there when my siblings were born and when mum schwab had mira. but this was way different. maybe because i remember when stephanie was 10 and we pretended to be moms in her backyard? anyway, i can understand why people call something so agonizing a miracle. not gonna lie, i'm petrified at the thought of enduring it myself. not usually a squeamish person, but that whole birth thing makes me want to squirm inside. but it's a blessing. from God. He created us with the ability to bring forth life. wow. God is incredible. He created women strong enough to go through such an ordeal and not fall apart. that the body can recover and even do it all over again, and again...it's crazy. i am telling you, there is no way a single-cell organism could evolve meticulously enough to perform that feat.
there is my girly rant.


Mac Q said...

Hmmmm mmm. Three announcements on three different blogs. How could just one bieng get so much popularity? Or did I just answer myself?

a voice in the desert... said...

: ))))))))

Marvin033 said...

Please post a pic if you can darling...

a voice in the desert... said...

Haha, I had a dream last night that you and I were in a field watching falling stars when Mike and Steph walked up to us with Ethan (he was so beautiful in my dream! But a little older, maybe 6months?) We oooed and ahhed over him then you took him from Steph and we oooed and ahhed some more.
thought I'd just share :)