i am glad

that God gives us little gifts. (ice, chocolate, words)
practical gifts. (jobs, food, cars)
amazing gifts. (relationships, local churches, His word)
I am grateful for many, many other gifts that could fit on this list as well. Sometimes I don't catch God's goodnesss in these things right away. It's easy to forget how wealthy He has made me.
But there is one gift that makes all others seem small. It is the only one that ALWAYS displays God's goodness, always inspires awe and gratitude. It is the one that offers eternal hope no matter how dark the sky appears.
The most wondersome gift of all,
the Gospel.
that is what the sermon inspired me to think about all day. i wish this was my thought process all the time...it's a work in progress.


Mac said...

I'm glad you're happy. (Cough, Cough) i'm feeling quite sick. Achoo!

sherlock said...

Wow damaris, I just loved this post!