Sunday was interesting. There is much I could say but I'd rather express appreciation for the love of God shown to my family by His people. To update the situation:
Late saturday night, Grandpa had sudden health problems. His symptoms were such that he was in a coma-like state for awhile. He's been recovering from his second leg amputation. He appears to be slowly on the mend but still confused and lethargic. The amputation site is fine, but there are other things going on. Nobody is sure yet what is causing the confusion. In a way, it's not that important. What is of most importance is that he knows the gospel. God is sustaining. He doesn't belong to us, he doesn't belong to earth. He belongs to God.

On to the thankfulness. How kind of God to give us dear friends! My fam has been very blessed by folks wanting to care for us. (I mentioned the situation to one person in explanation of my absence from children's ministry and it seems half the church knew. Which is good because I wouldn't have thought to tell anybody else, and then we wouldn't have been blessed.) Mum Schwab, Felicity and Cherie spent their entire sunday afternoon in the ICU lobby with us. We were cheered by the company, conversation and card games. The Swansons wanted to bring us dinner. The Cook girls preached truth. Heather and Kayla made us treats and brought scripture (and goofiness) into our house. Beks uplifted me despite being sick herself. Many other folks are praying for Grandpa

During a conversation with Mrs Schwab I realized my family might come across as if we don't taking the situation seriously. We might seem glib or matter of fact to outsiders. It's not because we don't care or we're ungrateful! Honestly, we're used to serious. This type of thing has happened so much the past few years that it's normal. It feels more like normal life than like an interruption to life. And really, we are not suffering. Grandpa is suffering, Grandpa is enduring a trial. We are only trying to bear his burdens as best we can. And wishing we could take it all for him.


Lana said...
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Lana said...

I'm glad spurgeon's words encouraged you as much as they did me! I know what you and your family are going through can be difficult and I will be keeping you in my prayers. Remember God is faithful and all of our lives are in the safest place they can be...the hands of our sovereign and loving Father.

Mac said...

Unfortunately I'm still sick as well. Likely I haven't thrown upyet unlike joe. YET. Won't. Stephanie White is in labor if you didn't find out yet damaris.