the stars are an awesome manifestation of God's glory. sometimes i think that He took tiny pieces of His glory and flung them into the sea of night sky as a visual reminder that we don't belong to earth. it's so easy to forget...
last night they reminded me that life is not about me. (you'd think i know that by now) nothing is about me. everything is about God. about bringing Him glory, reflecting His image, loving, worshipping, trusting Him. laying on our deck railing suspended between earth and sky, God adjusted my heart. life fell into perspective. struggles were minimized. the grace, love, mightiness of God was magnatized.

i have looked at the stars thousands of times, but every time is a little different. i often return to the house stilled, hushed, at peace. sometimes God speaks. sometimes He feels distant. even then, just being under His stars helps me believe the truth that He is near.
i guess i can't really explain it with words. words are pretty limited.
just look up at the stars tonight.


mac said...

I think the same thing, only that when you see stars under South Dakota, it's a whole different thing. "And who cares if I spelled it wrong."

Candace said...

So Cool! The Lord has been so kind to create things like stars to show us His glory and majesty! Thanks for sharing :-D

a voice in the desert... said...

ahh yes, good stuff!
I only wish we could SEE the stars in crummy Orlando!

Sherlock said...

I know. Someday you will walk outside of little suburb house and smile at the stars vacantly like you always do. Then the semi will come. And you will still be staring. At stars. Just because. Your damaris.