i miss writing. {or} some things i will regret if i read them next week

life is busy. it is good. lots of thoughts. about everything. are swirling around madly in my head not making sense due to my bad habit of losing notebooks. sometimes threads of thought get untangled when you write them. sometimes writing helps me "get it". even if it makes others more confused. i'm not a real writer. i'd never write a book. but i write to preach truth to myself, to figure out exactly what i believe/think and where it is in error, to see sin that was masked in my heart, and sometimes to encourage others. And sometimes just 'cause i can.

that's why i never delete this blog. no matter how neglected it gets. somehow i always come back to throwing a few of my thoughts into words. here. when i'm working online it's easy to pop over and scribble. (okay, type. "scribble" is better though. because if it was written, it would be in hurried scrawl). it's harder to sit down at a blank page and write. when i try this usually goes through my head: "once i begin i will never stop and _________ has to get done so forget it."

i say all this to justify why i have a blog and never update. because it's not really about getting readers. {but if you enjoy something you read here, if it makes you laugh, or gives you good mockery material, that is all great.} i do want to encourage. i hope my words are God-honoring. but don't be surprised if sometimes i just ramble. if and when my ramblishness becomes self-centered; throw tomatoes at me until i get the picture.

hopefully i'll return from celebration more like a sane 20 year old and not a crazed one.


DearVoid said...

: ) this blog makes me smile. it is truly damaris-ish and that's a good thing: quirky, funny, adorable, definitely God-honoring, and sometimes quite encouraging spiritually. not that you needed my opinion or approval but SURPRISE you get it! : )

a voice in the desert... said...

We need to get together, I'm eager to hear your swirling thoughts! :)
I love you very much, and miss you very much too!

Anonymous said...

good post.