I am ready for cooler weather. wind. changing leaves, falling leaves. open windows. sweaters. brighter stars. baking. Fall is my favorite season. Living in non-season florida, I'm tempted to whine and wish I could go to Virginia every september/october. This year, I'm trying to practice gratefulness. So I'm finding subtle signs that summer is breaking: the sky is a deeper blue, the air is nearly crisp, it smells like fall...
The past two days, I've driven home with my windows down and the wind wasn't hot or sticky. It is glorious. (( why is it that fall + older coldplay is swell? coldplay goes well with lots of things. but when i am driving around in the fall i find myself listening to thier old stuff. it just fits perfect.))
I am grateful that God created seasons.


a voice in the desert... said...

ahh yes!
ts my favorite season as well for all those reasons : )

DearVoid said...

now i want to be in big sweaters with you two drinking hot tea, just drinking in the fallish scenes and breathing the crisp air... ahhhhhhhh : )