home again

Sorry about the deadness around here.
Fey is giving me quite a welcome. The last I saw of the sun was in Canada. I'm loving the 9 inches of cold rain. Except when the rain ends and the dense cloud cover acts as a sticky heat-intensifier. My sympathies to everybody powerless and flooded.

Homeness. Good but crazy. I jumped right back into the pace of life. It never seemed so fast before. I feel like I'm merging onto the fl turnpike as everybody flies by doing 80mph in a car that won't get over 40. Glad God's grace isn't limited to major crises. I need it to survive normal life! Hooray for dependance. (coffee would def qualify as a means of common grace, btw)

It's pleasant to be home with my fam. I feel slightly disconnected. Something to do with housesitting for three weeks then going far away to the north. They're pretty much the craziest, funniest, lovingest and sanctifyingest folks I know. I'm blessed. And they're a big part of why.


SHERLOCK said...

We're glad your home.

DearVoid said...

hehe you make me smile damaris : ) glad you are ours again!!

LeeMac said...

I'm home. With a cold. Oh, my blog made. Oh I should start from the beginning. I posted this morning on my blog. BUT IT SENT THE POST TOO JULY INSTEAD OF AUGUST! WHY?