random photos from thansgiving at mum's parents with her sister and fam. be warned, there's nothing artistic.

the kid table
grandpa, bre & nate

grandma with her "scarf"

florida weather

hungry {crazy} sisters
n goofing off, joe, bre, mum

the original thanksgiving folks
grandpa's mug. (see, it's in the genes)

lots of hilarious quotes from this game:"that's unfair! i'm a boy, how am i going to know how to draw mascara!? redraw!" i love my fam. they're hilarious.
i was especially grateful for: 1. grandpa's "new leg". he was free from his wheelchair and able to walk this year. 2. grandma's willingness to have the whole noisy crew over, and cook; depsite having chemo wednesday. i'm so blessed: 3 sets of grandparents. 2 parents. 3 siblings. godly friends in fl, tx, va, nc, new orleans, canada, and wales. God is good.


Elizabeth said...

i love seeing your family.

those were wonderful.

dams said...

aww thanks.
i like seeing them too. in real life. :)
my fam loves you by the way.