objective truth from...starbucks?

Last week I swung through Starbucks en route to the doctor. I can't say much for the state of my heart...I certainly wasn't viewing doctors as a means of grace. The barista must have seen "sin of ungratefulness" emanating from me. I think she said "would you like some conviction with that?" Anyway, later as I sat in the room of perpetual anticipation I read the following:
"The Way I See It #196
The greatest leader is a servant. Don't be a boss.
Be a real leader, a servant leader.
A servant leader is a winner. Even when he loses everything, even when he loses his life, a servant leader wins it all. --Pat Williams "
Even though it doesn't say "Christ died for sinners" it immediately brought the gospel to mind. I was convicted in my non-rejoicing attitude. Doctors are a gift. An undeserved one. How kind of Him to interrupt my little grumbling fest, and in such a lighthearted way. I laughed. God is so kind. Who says He doesn't have a sense of humour?

{{ps. ya'll will be delighted to know that green bay is 6-1. we're not underdogs this year! yeah baby. i watch them play with real hope, instead of pleading for a swift death. proof that God cares about such menial things as football?}}


karawarnock; said...

awesome post dams. i really enjoyed it, it was encouraging and much like my own thoughts sometimes toward doctors (more like dentists).

me said...

taht was good.
i love it when you just think about yourself and then god is like
and you are like.
thank you.

and so i liked this post. and i like you.
and the packers and greenbay has no comment from me.

al (not the canadian one). said...

yes, that was a very good post, Bets. And I am happy for you and BrettF.

i refuse the title of...bets?! said...

there is no canadian al. that would be alS.

haha what a dork al. but i love that dork...

guess who? said...

Damaris i'm not in your links, how mean... lol

nice post.... if i had read it i'm sure it would have been nice :).