a letter to the best siblings in the world:

(they posed. after a long day of getting lost in downtown baltimore)

(photocredit: mum.)
Hi kids.
41 days. And counting. I'm homesick. Technically, as I am the one home; I think it's familysick. That sounds weird...anyway. Thank you Mum, Joe, Bre, and N for serving by going to upstate New York and taking care of great-grandma. Thanks for remembering your dad and "biglittlesister" that you left behind. We enjoyed the box of goodies. Enjoy the smell of fall in the air for me. And the sight of mountains. Say hi to the boys when you visit Aunt Lori. Bre: Don't bring home any snakes. There's a big fat one living in the garage sink drain and some small black racers in the hydrangeas. That should be plenty. Joe: Keep your chin up! "Cheerio, and all that sort". N: Keep everybody else laughing, 'k? I love ya'll. Dad and I aren't lonely. But we are sick of peaceful dinners. {{ps. i know the photos stink but they're the easiest to find.}}
~Kangeroo. psalm 27.
"August evenings bring subtle warnings to remember
to kiss the ones you love goodbye
you never know what temporal days may bring...
when my life is in discord I'll praise You all the more"


Andrew said...

Wow, your family is living in NY?

I guess I wouldn't have seen them recently becuase we weren't in Church (we took the Amish people to a Menonite Church last Sunday).

me said...

that was really sweet, i know how that feels.

must have been a blessing to your family.
love youuuuuu.


Elizabeth said...

hey dams. that was a sweet post.

can't imagine 41 days without your fam. you are holding well. and you are in my prayers

love you

dams said...

Andrew: yeah, but only temporarily. an sgm family took an amish family to a mennonite church...wow. rock on.

Kars: I'm up for the walk! :) Then I will actually be able to meet you for real. is there a coastline or mountains in this walk?

Als: Thanks. I am only holding up with your prayers. so don't stop or i will melt like the wicked witch of the west!! haha. love you back.

damaris' fav big brother said...

TAAAAKKKEEE MEEE HOOOOMMMMMEEE COUNTRY ROOOOAAAAADDDDSSSSSS TO THE PLACE THAT I BELOOOONNGG (WAILS). i miss u dams, i can't wait to see how much shorter you are when i get back. hi to everyone. andrew i saw u for 3 sundays hehe. I am still here, you can read my non-SGC correct ramblings at "sherlocklife.blogspot.com" sorry for the spam, but my blog is so lonley i'm desperate ;).

my chin is up. my neck hurts.

the biggest sister said...

hey. watch it buddyroe. i am always 4 years older no matter HOW tall you get...

you will always be my kid bro.

karawarnock; said...

sweet post dams.