cast. your cares.

Jesus, I'm frail, I'm so very weak
My faithfulness fails, my courage will flee
But You are my rock, my shelter and shade
When I'm burdened down, You'll carry the weight

So I will cast my cares on You
Yes, I will cast my cares on You
I will rest within Your arms
Knowing I am safe from harm
I will cast my cares on You

When I'm overwhelmed and I cannot stand
You hear every cry and You lift my head
I'm desperate for grace and mercy anew
I must have Your strength, Oh I must have You

c. stephen altrogge from in a little while

This song (i know i say that alot but my life changes alot) says exactly what God has been teaching my fam. It's far better written, but the essence is the same as what I just recently wrote in my journal. How kind of God to thus encourage me-confirming He is at work. My pride wants to say the second line doesn't apply to me. Oh, but it does. Very much so. How often my faithfulness fails! Every single day, there is an area I'm trying to "un-surrender", something I'm not trusting God with, something I'm making an idol...yet. His faithfulness is steadfast. He is faithfulness. Faithful to correct, faithful to forgive, faithful to never give more than we can bear. I cling to His promises. First the promise of His gospel. Then the promise of His unchangingness. Amazing truth!


als said...

good words. very good words.

me said...

those are great words good reminders.
thanks damaris wells.

karawarnock; said...

you are the BALM dot COM. haha.
come visit us, will you?

Anonymous said...


Your shoes look good on my boat...

Whitney said...

hey beautiful!
I updated the blog... check it out :-D love ya tons and miss you more! :-D

Anonymous said...

it's funny how women/girls express their affection to each other. Totally different from guys.

whitney said...

yes my dear, i do check my e-mail quite often. :-D ttys :-D