It was Your grace that drew me to the cross
It was Your grace that gave me faith
It was Your grace that reconciled me to Yourself
Though I had sinned in every way
You disarmed me of everything that I would lean on
So I would lean on You
And you stripped me of everything I would depend on
So I'd depend on You
In You alone, my strength is found
In You alone, my hope abounds
In You alone, my strength is found
My life is bound up in You

And in my weakness give me still more grace
Grace to cast myself on You
In every trial let me find Your peace and joy
And grace to humbly walk with You
O disarm me of everything I would lean on....
Jesus strip me of everything I would depend on...
Give me more grace...and new mercies every morning...

This is becoming the theme song of my life. It started a few years ago, with circumstances I didn't like. I wanted them to change. I thought no good could possibly come of them. I was more concerned with my comfort level than with what God was doing in me. At the time, it looked so pointless. I'm still mostly clueless. But I'm starting to see--no, He's showing me--a tiny corner of this bigger picture. Why He allowed things to continue when I thought they were more than I could bear. That was the whole point! I wasn't supposed to bear it. I was supposed to come to Him. He brought me to a point of realization. A realization of my absolute dependence. On Him. I could't last one day without His glorious, free, amazing, oh so undeserved GRACE. I desperately needed to be stripped of every foundation that was not HIM. He thoroughly dismantled every area of life I had "under control". Everything I thought stable, He showed to be shakeable. He is so kind. So gentle when we are broken. So fierce when we are stubborn. Never letting us "get away" with our sin. What foolish independence in my sinful heart!! There are still so many ways I need to grow in reliance. But He's faithful. His grace always breaks through my self-sufficiency and condemnation. How glorious is truth...
Thus ends my little outburst of joy that for some reason I decided to post.


Elizabeth said...

i love you

damaris said...

i loveth you too.