4 days.
Joe and I depart for London Gatwick Airport Thursday afternoon and arrive 8am Friday morning. A few hours later we end up in Wales. Where we will be with our host fams until July 23. It hasn't quite sunk in...it doesn't seem real that we're actually flying across the Atlantic ocean...to the UK...wow!!! (maybe it's not that big of a deal. as one prone to wanderlust, it is pretty amazing.)
We're helping the church with their "Family Fun Day in the Park". {And going to a pub. yes i could order a 'pint'; but i won't. we don't know what would happen ;)}
If you think about it: Pray that we share the gospel most effectively. Pray for the lost in Wales, that God would soften their hearts. Pray that God would encourage His church there. And please pray that most of all, He would be glorified and we would proclaim that most wonderful of stories before and after our trip; that'd we view life as a mission field.
Thanks ya'll. (my faithful readers: beks, als, & mrs w.)

I'll try and take some photos. I'm sure one or two will end up here...as for whatever God has planned for my heart; that usually takes some time to realize.

(apologies for the hurried writing and therefore atrocious wordage).


Susan said...

!!! Yay! So excited for you. Will definitely be praying and can't wait to hear all about it when you return. Who knows - I may just be able to read about it before SOMEone posts about their Haiti trip! :)

(wink wink. Love ya Bekah!)

karawarnock; said...

aw damaris.
i finally got your neato key chain. thank you, it was so sweet and thoughtful of you.

i will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. have fun!

ME said...

totally praying for you dams.
itll be great. youll love it.
mom and dad love the u.k.