the return

{far more gorgeous than the photos show.}
{j outside the church with tea.}

{the j's. my fantabulous host fam}
Joe and I are home. We were welcomed by warm, steamy, fl rain. How appropiate.
The whole team is back, without any "international incidents." Some are sick and A's foot is still healing, but we'd do it again in a heartbeat. The church in Merthyr is amazing. I was affected by them in so many ways. Cheesy as it sounds, I have to admit I fell in love with the entire church of 90. (how's that for an un-dams statement) My host fam, the J's, were especially precious. They displayed such humility, service, generosity, and hospitality. All with spectacular accents, of course. ;)

Aside from seeing my wonderful family, I'm struggling with jumping back into life. Culture shock hits most when you're home. Everything is strange. The cars are huge, the roads are wide, the land is unbelievably flat, we drive on the wrong side, billboards are everywhere, there's ice in my drink, I think it's 5hrs later than it is... Seriously, America in general feels very superficial. I'm struggling to adjust. Partly because I don't want to. I don't really want to interact with the world. I need His grace. Anyway I'm rambling. A quick-jet-lagged-and-still-recovering update. More to come. I'll figure out the best way to show you photos. All 655 won't fit on here.
The post beneath is of my fam, since my "welsh family" wanted to see them.

Relying on grace.


karawarnock; said...

i am so glad that everything went well for you. the experience you had must have been amazing and i do hope you post more pictures.

dams, you are SUPERTASTIC!

damaris said...

aww thanks.

i think i'm going to put all of them on flickr. but i have to get an account...

rebekah said...

I'm sooo glad you are home. even if you aren't. But I am even more glad that you had such a wonderful experiance and want to go back. that is God's grace. We need to get together so you can tell me AAALLL about it and show me all the pictures. Love you.

Amber said...

Dami, I miss you already! We simply cannot wait another two years to spend time together again. I'm totally planning to take a road trip to Grace sometime in the near future. Or maybe once you recuperate you can come to spend the weekend and bring your fantabulous pictures with you!

dams said...

'allo loves!!!

BEKS. i miss you! you must come out, see my pics, get your gift and hear all about the wonderful folks of wales. you'd LOVE the church, the land, the sheep, all the food, the chocolate...

AMBER. you should come out here. (i can't miss any sundays b/c mum is going to NY to serve her grandma which cuts our greeting team down to 1. plus i have children's ministry and admin.) i'll mail you a cd of photos ASAP, 'k? Email me your number someday, if you want to hear from me. i'm not big on phone calls but since you live an hour away i will ring. :)

Susan W. :) said...

This has taken forever for me to sit down and do and it's kind of old news by now, but welcome home!!! Hope you are adjusting a bit better and sliding back into where God has you more easily now. Can't wait for the "more to come." See you tomorrow!

((And yes, Amber, you should definitely come see us!!!))