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Three (3) weeks. Four (4) days. Five thousand, two hundred and thirty (5, 000) miles between Fl and Merthyr Tydfil, Wales. (!!) As I pray for Beks and the others in Haiti, my thoughts wander to my own trip. Because many of the other trips take place before or during Wales, my preparation has had an "eventually" mentality to it. Until today. I received our flight itinerary...and proved that I DO possess some amounts of girliness. (as my bros said: "when boys get excited, they smile. when girls get excited, they think everybody else wants to join in." haha.)
It's finally starting to sink in. I'm actually going to Wales. July 12-23. With about 18 other Floridians. For 11 days. We'll be staying in welsh houses, eating welsh food, trying to understand welsh accents, serving the welsh, and {hopefully} maybe even learning a little welsh. What's the point? Ultimately, to glorify God and spread His glorious gospel. Practically...to help our sister church their  put on a "Family Fun Fair"-type outreach. (memories, anyone?) Now you know almost as much as I do...I know it'll be nothing like my imaginings. I can't wait to see what God does. Anything He does for/through us is amazing in light of what we deserve. May we always be a living proclamation of the gospel--no matter where He puts us.

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Anonymous said...

Agh!! So excited to hear about your trip! I'll be praying for you guys!!

Susan W. :)

Elizabeth said...


umm... we just had a family from the wales church over for lunch today. they were pretty great.

felicity said...

I guess i should be happy that you guys get to go. Congrats! and keep us posted (i know u haven't left yet).