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December 11, 1939
"A conversation with the doctor. We always come back to the same point: 'The church may not mix in politics', he says. And I tell him that when you are a Christian and profess that God is almighty, there is no single area of life from which you can eliminate God." --from the journal of Diet Eman
Over the weekend, I indulged my love for good books with "Things We Couldn't Say". It's the semi-autobiography of Dutch student-turned-resistance-worker Diet Eman. The above quote comes from the context of how to respond to the German Occupation. When Germans started to persecute the Jews, Christians were very divided about forming a RResistance Many believed that they were subject to the Germans as a higher authority God had placed over them, and therefore "resistance aagainstthe established government was, quite simply, sin". Just to put that quote into context for you... Anyway, it's an excellent book. Her transparency is convicting, and the circumstances of her life forced mine into perspective. (any hardship in my life is mminuscule) There's my update. Borrow this book from your library (good luck finding it) or buy it at Border's (it is so blatantly NOT leftist-communist-crap i doubt you'll find it there either) or do what I did: borrow it from an employer who shares your love of solid WWII era history.

((this'll be the last you here from me until after conference. i'm working all the way up to friday morning & leave that afternoon. however, since beks has abandoned the caravan, mayhaps she will guest post for me?))


joesiah said...

I want to read those books.

Elizabeth said...

have fun at NA.

skeptical little sis said...

Ur letting jake post on here?!?!

Oh dear

dams said...

no. i'm letting him post the sunday message. he only reads bek's blog anyway. and niether of them will have time because they will be too busy hanging out and working.

thanks als. i'm sure i'll learn alot. jill will make it fun too.

.kara (the canadian) said...

it is almost summer again and i am remembering our camp out.


dams said...

haha. the lovely bathroom with no lights no mirrors and the one door that got stuck?

i'm gonna miss you guys this august...or maybe i'll be too overwhelmed with wales. you never know. HEY. I know some canadians who could come visit florida...there are plenty of MLC friends to hang with...and beks and i would take you on a much better tour than the awful one joe and als got last time. poor kids.

Elizabeth said...


i have made a vow. i must go to el paso this year. they have bigger guns to shoot me with if i don't go see them this year. you guys just have shark-infested waters.

delian said...

Hope you're having a great tiem in NA!!!! =D. Let me know if you saw any Corning people. lol.

1who needs help said...

-i like guns

-i know how 2 use them

-play with 'em all the time

Elizabeth said...

you do need help.


na post?

dams said...

yes. the na post is coming. i am just wondering which thing to post about...
there are 2 pretty amazing things. so do i do the one that reduced me to tears? or the first one?

fine. go to el paso. see if i care. (haha. just kidding. we know we get you every other year. :)

yeah, i saw the red-headed kid from corning. i forget his name. but he's mathamatically dyslexic as well.

Elizabeth said...

i heard you say marty too.

he was like," als, i saw your friend... whats her name....? from florida. i talked to her."

damaris said...

i *saw* marty, yes.

need to emial you als. i need a dose of convicting sunshine. ;)