{photocredit: beks. location: NC}
My fam is enjoying the coolness of VA. Mum & the kids drove up Tues, I took dad to the airport this morning; tomorrow I'll join them. Virginia is on my top ten favorite places list. It might rank higher than Vancouver...since I don't want to live there. I don't come home with heart issues.
Besides my fam, there's a lot to look forward to. Cool morning runs with Cassie [the dog]. Lots of time for writing and reading. I'm hoping to catch up on some Tolkien and Elliot. No work. Hills. Excursions to explore unknown places. Seeing Uncle Hal Aunt Lori & the boys when they come back from Europe. So that is my life for the next 9 days.
The past (1)9 days it's been this: work, sanctification, bridesmaid wedding prep, sanctification. God is doing alot of work right now...it's a little overwhelming.

"With the rising sun, we can start over again. With each new dawn, I promise you my friend, His grace is new again. Every day His grace is new with the rising sun..."


Andrew said...

Sounds like fun.

Yeah, when I took that photo I didn't think much of it, but it turned out really well with the trees and all.

Tech difficulties?

the author said...

uh-huh. google, and hence my google account to log into blogger; have been "temporarily unavailable" for some weeks now. my dad fixed it but it's at it again.

oh well. als, beks, beth, etc do a better job glorifying God with thier blogs so it's no big loss.

beks said...

i'm going to miss you!! have a safe trip. bring back lots of stories. etc. love you, my yellow pair of running shoes :)