"In the Bible God is saying, 'You won't always understand me, but you can always trust me. If I surprise you with trouble, I will also surprise you with the joy I'll bring out of that trouble. You may struggle to believe that right now. But what seems so impossible is the very thing I specialize in.'.."
"The victory will be God's and the delight will be ours. Right now we don't always treat God as a loyal ally. But He will be faithful still. When our hearts are finally and forever drawn away from all false saviours and are endlessly celebrating his all-sufficiency, we will know His name."
~Ray Ortlund Jr.
Some quotes that convicted me today. Currently studying Isaiah. The common theme is trust. Trusting God completely, surrendering all. Funny. That seems to be the theme of my circumstances right now too...
{psalm. 18:1-3}


in grace abiding said...

aye. He is good and trustworthy.

beks said...

I second the notion. Such a blessing these past few messages have been.

had a ball today, kid.