good evening.

Beks. "your face is funny. "
Dams."yeah well not as funny as your knee!"

"did you just mess up my life!?"

"if this is from one bite of ice cream, i'd love to give her a 20oz mountain dew and stick her in a contained field...."

"you're a pig. oink oink."

Steph. "i made chili come out of mike's nose today."
she has that effect on folks...

Matt. "So basically, a case of the mondays includes potty training a 2 year old and migraines?"
Dams. "yup, that's pretty much it..."

Mike. "okay, that was wierd"

*dams enters the vicinity, carrying ice cream*
Matt. "ICE CREAM! oh, hey dams..."

a collection of out-of-context quotes. from a pleasant evening spent with friends near and far, on the occasion of matt 'home' from school for a visit. God is good.


Captain Schwab said...

b/c she forgot:

photo credit: matt

Aaron said...

funny but the insults are lame. corect me if my spelling is wrong.


Captain Schwab said...

that's because it's one of those things that are only funny if you were there. they're called inside jokes.

captain schwab said...

that wasn't meant to be rude. sorry aaron.

dams said...

she's always rude. schwabs can't help it.


yeah well we were all (except matt) dead tired from a long day at work so of course we weren't brilliant. most of them had to do with memories anyway.

the whole post was lame. i concur.

homestarrunner said...

i concur. worst place.

Who Else? said...


Andrew said...

Sounds like fun... if you understood it....: )

What do you mean your "humble opinion" your opinion is worth as much as mine. And I'm glad you get distracted durring movies too, I was starting to question my sanity. So now I can question both of ours ; )

Elizabeth said...

inside jokes don't have to be funny.

as long as they are inside. then they just are.

me said...

inside jokes are the best/worse things ever..
best for the ones that are inside the joke
worst for the ones who are outside of the joke and are watching the inside people laugh.

Aaron said...

its ok im rude some times... like the time when i belched out loud in front of the pesident. i have a lot of insid jokes. come to my blog and see.