Last night, around 3am, I had one of those "life interruptions" that God orchestrates every once in awhile to remind me who it's really about. He breaks into my mundane routine, stirs things up and says "Remember, it's not your life anymore?"
It wasn't spectacular, looked for, or dramatic.
I got sick.

My immediate reaction? "God, please, I can't be sick! I can't afford to miss work. I don't have time, there's so much to do..." But God changed my perspective. I started having flashbacks to the last time I was sick...losing a breakfast I never ate in the ER bathroom. Wishing I could cry, scream or black out; any other reaction but the one I was having from the pain that seemed to be everywhere. Funny how much your perception of one circumstance can change in a few seconds! I was immediately convicted. I was in minor discomfort. But I was already griping about how it messed up "my plans"! Ouch. Instead of whining about the "inconvenience", I started thanking God for what I could be grateful for. Guess what. The rest of my evening was oddly pleasant. Laying in the hall, on wood floors that mimicked the 26F outside temperature, I had some wonderful time with God. As weird as it sounds. I'm so glad He interrupts my plans. Even if it isn't "so fun".
enjoying His grace. with a side of fever.


Elizabeth said...

God is pretty crazy how he works hey? hahaha.

wow. he is SO amazing!

you are so great.

Brian Wells said...

Your little blog ALWAYS encourages my heart in the Lord. At the end of each post I find myself saying, "God, you are so good. Thanks for loving us and revealing your love to us through your Son."

Praying you'll be well soon.

Nice photo too. Your very good with that little shutter snapper...

the High Plains Drifter

beks said...

Oh, my little merry is sick? I wish I could make you better.
praying for you, dear.

drew said...

I've had that happen before, belive it or not.

Praying that you get better very soon.


damaris said...

ya'll canadians say "hey" more than "eh". aww als. i miss you.

thanks ya'll for the encouragement and prayers.

"she is tolerable, i suppose..."

in other words i am well enough to function like a normal human being.

((shame on you if you don't know where the quote came from. ;))

Elizabeth said...

....but hardly handsome enough to tempt me."

you pretty much amazing dams.

praying for you.

Elizabeth said...


Delian said...

awww! Although sick is not being fun... I'm so glad that God useds that time to help you!! =D
Pretty much awesome!

amazed said...

Thanks for posting that. You're eternal perpsective always encourages me as well.

damaris said...

thanks britt.

it's funny i read your comment today...i haven't been very eternally minded at all! in fact, i haven't thought of anything past which household chore to do next and if the sun will ever return.

i'm convicted.

karawarnock; said...

lovely post.
hope you are up and running again very soon.