Princess Belle. One of the kids I nanny for. She's the quirkiest ever. She loves to make you laugh. She has no healthy sense of fear. (haha) Her favourite princesses are Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Belle. I call her Belle because she adores books, playing outside, and loves the Beast. (when she saw Beauty and the Beast live at disney, she wasn't scared; nope she wanted to give him a hug afterward. !!)

Future soccer champ. :)
"Fe-Fe" & "the bunny". They join us for tea parties. Where the vase serves as a creamer. (?)She loves to dance. She'll ask for "the purple dress" and "music". But it has to be the right music...if you put in anything other than classical ballet (nutcracker, swan lake, etc) watch out for the conniption!

so cute. i love this kid.


Josiah said...


she sounds like someone else i know.

karawarnock; said...

so cute.

wilcoxfamily said...

she's precious!!

and i love love LOVE that 2nd to last shot!! :)

>camera envy< :)

amazed said...

she's definitely adorable

als said...

oh my gosh. SO CUTE. she sounds like ava.

beks said...

what a doll. i can't wait to have nieces and nephews to take pictures of!

als said...

haha. beks.

yesterday we went to a baby shower for a lady in our church and on the card my friend said, ' 4 is better then 2' (they just had their second baby. ) haha. she laughed really hard.

dams... i am going to email you.

karawarnock; said...

oh damaris a new found favorite song. i was just trying to learn it on guitar and i came to your blog and here it is;
"tune my heart to sing they grace."
love it.