building a sorrowful lovliness

When the morning breaks
When the evening fails
I will write Your word upon my heart, oh Lord
When the fires burn
When the rain comes down
I can feel Your grace flow through me
Without a sound

Nothing is certain, but I'm certain of You
Pull back this curtain, let Your light in this room
And all that's true, I find inYou
The more I drink of Your word
The more I thirst for You

When the world dissolves
And the sun just flickers out
I will write Your word upon my heart, oh Lord
When the stars crash down
At the end of the age
I can feel Your touch
As You wipe my tears away

Building a sorrowful loveliness
Out of the darkness
Out of this furnace
I find You

Excepting the second verse (last I checked the sun was still shining behind the clouds) this song describes what God is doing in me right now. Better than I could. HE is constant, faithful, sustaining. I'm learning to love being sustained by Him. Not as if there is ever a time when I'm not sustained by Him-far from it! And that is not to say I have to learn to love it because I don't like it. It's because the times when I feel sustained the most, are the times I'm wondering how long I'll be "stuck" in circumstances I'd rather not walk through. Yet at the same time, the harder it is, the more dependant I am; the more dependant I am, the more I grow; and the more I grow, the more I love Him; the more I want to grow...Part of me is grateful for darkness. It's the same part of me that longs for home. It's what shows the Holy Spirit to be living and active in my life. It goes back to that old, old story...All of this would be impossible without the cross.


the ninny moose strikes again said...

It's christmas time...

als said...

"its beginning to look alot like christmas.."

joel sczebel said...

it's a really good song. telecast is good.