some random things I'm thankful for:
the gospel
getting off work early
God's word
my fam
cold weather
the beks (+ my whole 2nd fam)
yummy food
good books
emma (job #1)
michaela, alyssa, chloe, olivia (job #2)
the lindseys driving down to hang with us
dell and corning
and last but not least...for God's sovereignty...
and for new chemo treatments being effective.

seriously, we have so much to thank God for. sometimes i think we forget how incredibly blessed we are. because we don't live in places like cuba or the streets of orlando; we look at all the things we can't or don't have. Rather than the wealth of blessings God has poured out on us. The fact that we can walk into a store like Publix and even have choices is mind-blowing to our brothers and sisters in some countries. i should live in a constant state of gratefulness--surely God's work on the cross is more than enough reason! have a good {american} thanksgiving. if you cooked for it, get first dibbs on the best seat for the football game. if only to sanctify the guys. haha.
say cheers to beks for a good post on her lonely blog.
// i stole mum's template. just for now. //


damaris said...

another thing to be grateful for:
Sarah Grace Peine, born at 8:20am today...Michelle (mum) didn't even know she was in labor till 7!

I'm sure Sarah's just as gorgeous as the other kids...

beks said...

oh happy day! how exciting! those kids are adorable.

Delian said...

ooh. I wasn't in there.
canadians. ha. no dell. blah. ;-).
just teasing!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Delian said...

oh, and I'm thankful for it not taking so long to get to your comments :-)

dams said...

i'm also thankful for:
new yorkians
new orleanians
south carolinians
and any other friends i might have left out..

(sorry dell. it was just a few things...)

mom said...

I like your template. Hehehe.

It will get better use on your blog.....and you did find it for me so...you have every right to it.

josiah said...

i am thankfull that you have a new template.

dell said...

Praying for you dams!

damaris said...

thanks dell.

::beth:: said...

i am thankful for coffee too.