faithful wounds~

"Faithful are the wounds of a friend..." {prov 27.6a

How true! I was on the recieving end of the sword of truth today. A dear friend and I were discussing Benny's message over lunch. I brought up an area where I was "doing battle"and she cut through my confusion and helped me see how I could grow. ((laying out my sin like a full-colour photo. ouch.)) It was a faithful wound. I'm grateful for her gentle insight into my life.

There are times when we know of sin in our life; but our view is clouded. We don't know half as much as we think we do...we need help identifying our sin. We need somebody to speak the gospel into our lives from the outside. God knows we can't grow on our own; He knows we can't trust our own hearts. He could've made us differently. But He made us to not only want relationships but need them. It is nearly impossible to seriously apply the gospel to daily life without godly friends.
grateful to overflowing,

"I hear the Savior say
thy strength indeed is small
child of weakness watch and pray
find in me thine all and all..."

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kars said...

i love that song.

joel sczebel said...

way to take the easy way out of commenting on a serious post there kars. . . . . so.....anyways///.....

good song.....I really like it........

no. I won't.

What's difficult about what you're saying in your post, dams, is recognizing those "wounds" as being for your good and not getting defensive. Sounds like you did good, but I hardly ever do. it's something to work on definitely.

you live in a very flat place.
I got attacked by a psychotic suicidal lizard on the way to this free wireless spot. it ran out of the grass across the parking lot and up my leg. I didn't appreciate that.

kars said...

sorry dams.

it was a very good post. really encouraging.

miss you.

damaris said...

thanks for the encouragment.
kars, i didn't think it was a bad comment.
not when it was the only one. HAHA.

i think i might have serious issues when joe starts posting about things like snowboarding next month.

i might go live with my cousins.
where there are hills big enough for skiing on.

Sherlock said...

I'm sure the lindseys will be happy to have you...

can i go with you? i'll ride in the back...

what is up with your stinky blog template?

Matt said...

what's this?
tis been near an half a fortnight since ye've posted!!