God's grace. Wow. There are a million ways He lavishes that gift on us. What a mindblowing gift it is...It seems I find a new, practical means of this grace evidenced in my life everyday. I seriously could not imagine going through life and not knowing this grace.

I am grateful for the insanity of my life right now, because it is showing me my incredible dependance (stealing als word there cause it's so true) on His grace.


beks said...

so true.
Dams, I have to say that you are a great example of what it should look like to trust in God. You are continually pointing to the One who makes it all right, even when the going gets tough. I just want to encourage you that your outlook and your attitude towards all that is going on right now in your family is a true testimony of God's grace and that He is reflected in that.

Elizabeth said...

i am the bomb.com

Elizabeth said...


grace is good for humility too.

joel sczebel said...

sounds like a good perspective.

pamela ann said...

love you