don't take me seriously...

figured i'd ramble on the unfairness of cable tv. light-hearted posts are good. here goes:
there might be some hope this season. we are 1-2. what a great start! compared to last season. which was what, 0-10 or something? if we at least beat the team-that's-a-shame-to-american-football i'll be happy. oh wait. thanks to the greedy cable companies. it's not like i can watch any games. {i can't stand to waste my weekend watching tv. monday nights are different. if it's not a brilliant game i end up ditching my dad at halftime...but that's beside the point...the point is monday night football should be free}
you can't take football off free televison. you just can't. it's un-american! it's greed. the cable companies KNOW american guys are addicted to their monday night football...now the few who don't have it will buy cable just for the games. i'm cheesed. we should make them bring it back.
the end.
this post brought to you by:
the lindseys. i hold them fully responsible for my tolerance of football. it was all the fam gatherings where i was the only female cousin and therefore subjected to many football games. i had no choice but to start liking it! :)
my dad. cause he makes endless fun of my team (i know he's trying to hide the pain of being a denver bronco fan). it was this conversation the other night that i thought of when i wrote this:
{i'm informed there is no more dad-daughter football time on mondays}
Dams: "NO!!!" the packers play the eagles next week! if i don't watch it and tell blind brett where to throw they won't win!!"
Dad: "they won't win anyway"
Dams: "this is unconsitutional!! it's prohibitting every american's free right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!"
Dad: "you are so right. start a petition. write about it"

now that you're laughing at me, have a good weekend.


beks said...

hahaha!! I just read the last bit, the dialogue between you and your dad. haha.

I need a team. not that I watch sports, but I need one all the same so when people ask, i have an answer.

in grace abiding said...

pick the Cleveland Browns, Damaris will feel real good about her team!

matt said...

the bucs? ;)

i dunno what's worse, liking teams because they have a cool logo, or not being able to remember if the pistons are basketball or football.

beks said...

i was thinking the Boston Celts or Texas Longhorns.

dams said...

go with the longhorns, i like them. :)
only they're college, not pro. just so ya know...

beks said...

ya, i don't know squat.
help me out here.
i like the celts.
boston rocks.
i want to go back.

in grace abiding said...

uhmm.. you do know of course that the celts are basketball, right?