"this is true..."

{what i found on my bed. &dark chocolate on the island. sweet of them, hey?}

i'm home. finally. took longer than planned. several hours passed between airport arrival and home arrival...but i'm here.
no matter how much wanderlust one may have, home is still oh-so-nice. that is, when your fam is in it. without them it's just a place to crash. it doesn't feel so very nice after all...that's how it was a few minutes ago. sad to say, i wasn't having a very God-glorifying thought pattern. there i was with multiple things to be grateful about/for (the greatest that should be ever present in my mind&heart: the gospel). i wasn't thinking about even one of them! ouch.
God wasn't content to let me wallow in my sin unchecked. He broke in. Holy God shoved aside the sinfullness of my mind. This perfectly sinless, righteous God was merciful enough to speak to an unholy being. One who is sinful-beyond-all-reason...but is covered in the righteousness of His Son. what a happy thought indeed...what grace there is in a gentle rebuke where He opens blinded eyes to see things in the light of His Holiness...

dams. aka :betty:

((no mom, i won't forget dad in my sleep-deprived state. i'll be at the airport at 10:40 to pick the bomb.com up. and i wont be "4yrs too late". haha. only since it's night time i'll have to wear my glasses-made ghetto by kay. we shall see how that works...))


beks said...

you hoser! you are supposed to be asleep! you are in trouble young lady. go to bed and get some sleep before you drive.

damaris said...

hey hey hey. i'm trying!

i'm not good at falling asleep in the middle of the day. i just lay there thinking of all that i should/could be doing. i did laundry. now i'm going to panera for dinner. but i'll come home and take a nap.

then it'll feel like dinnertime instead of early afternoon. so it might work...

(('beks, your face is a hoser!'hehe))

joel sczebel said...

the "your face" joke.



4 years late. It's so dramatic.

Delian said...

welcome home... but you missed new york on that trip somehow... hehehe. hoser.

beks said...

hey joes, thanks for the bracelet. it rocks as only a bracelet can :)

joel sczebel said...

It's a pretty crazy bracelet. all glittery and purple and random-yeah. Did dams tell you where I got it?

Elizabeth said...

so cute!

beth said...

hi damaris...
you must be the one the sczebels call "dami" and "dams" on their blogs.

thanks for your encouragment.

i haven't had a good look at your blog, but i like the homemade sign-
those are the best.

oh that quote by C.S. Lewis is one of my favorites by him. and by anyone.


if this comment couldn't get long enough-
the ipod and hands in the photo are josh's. ha.