prayer requests

break from the series.

1) please pray for my mom's fam. her parents. specifically you can pray for her dad, who's been dealing with gangrene in his right foot since winter. he had 4 toes amputated in april and went home right before NA. now he has it on his left heel. they say he'll lose the left leg from the knee down. we've no idea how soon. he's the last person i can imagine losing his independance...anyway, for now he's in the hopsital here in otown while his wife is in t-town undergoing chemo. it's hard on them to be apart; each feels like they should be taking care of the other.
2)also pray for my mom, her sisters, and bro. her whole family relies on mom (and sisters) more than they know. she's such a comfort. serving heroically and lifting spirits. she's showing me how to honor God while walking through fire. She knows how to be strong in the strength of grace, with all reliance on God. she amazes me.
3)pray for a little girl named Emma and her fam. she was run over by a van today and was airlifted to rochester, ny.
4)pray for whitney, my friend. she's going to Iraq!

sorry if this isn't very uplifting. i couldn't do a lighthearted post with all this on my heart. it would feel like lying. God is gracious and faithful--but sometimes it's harder to see.

out to look at the stars


britt said...

I will definitely be praying. I had just heard about Whitney. Do you know exactly when she is leaving?

joel sczebel said...

wow. lots of stuff to pray for.

Delian said...

thank you so much for posting about Emma! Everyone really appreciates it!! Just heard today that she has some pretty bad liver damage (on a scale from 1-5 five being no more her's is a 4) so, I guess right now she's not in a lot of pain (her sister told me that she was talking with the doctors and reading books and stuff) so that is very encouraging! Emma means a lot to this church.

damaris said...

aawww. well i told my fam and my mom prayed for her right away. being a mom she feels so bad for her parents. how are they doing?

Delian said...

her parents are doing remarkably well!!

alice said...

pretty great stuff to pray for, God is in control of everything!

Delian said...