NA in a paragraph

Hi. I know ya'll expect a NA post. Can't do it. Yet. (josh is better qualified to write a good deep post anyway)
To tide you over, NA in a paragraph:
Spiritually, it was incredible. Worship was awesome. Some new songs. So much rich teaching. Trying to absorb it all at once is like trying to eat a whole cheesecake. You know you can't get it all. I feel like I need a week to study my notes and pray! Message highlights: Eric Simmons on Evangelism; C.J. on Isaiah 53; and Mike Bullmore on Applying the Gospel. My spririt feels as refreshed and alive as my body feels exhausted and dead. Now to get out there and share it.
Great times of fellowship with friends from New Orleans, Texas and Canada. Lots of laughter, starbucks, escalator running, some good correction, a little food; even less sleep.

I'll attempt a real NA post. someday. I haven't been able to do anything but alternatly eat and sleep. I'm to tired to even put sheets on my bed. I keep falling asleep on the floor anyway.
Wondering if she'll sound like a "little smoker" for the rest of her life,
the damsel.

"Jesus paid it all. all to Him I owe. "


Josiah who's been lonely said...


Jealous of NA participants said...

hahaha... nice... 'Damsel' i like it ;). Anybody ask for your dad's e-mail? ;).

Brittany said...

Hahah. I am glad you made it back ok!

joel sczebel said...

You still sound like a smoker?
I started sounding like one on the plane home.

I guess josh will have to do the official NA post.

joel sczebel said...

O prasie the one
who paid my debt
who raised this life
up from the dead.

Josiah said...

Damaris sounds like my aunt carrie!

If she starts taking in a bunch of feral cats I'm out a here.

rebekah said...

amen to all the good stuff. what an amazing weekend!

dams said...

yeah. it's laryngitis my mom says (which makes sense cause i dont think it would've hurt so much if i just lost it). so i'll sound like a smoker till i rest it.
i'm afraid that is not in sight between work and everyone's questions.
which doesn't mean i'm aunt carrie mr smarty pants.

dams said...

oh. and no. of course not.
i am not courtshipable.

but i was wondering if somebody would ask bekah...
sorry. i am so mean but its so funny.

joel sczebel said...

yeah, if I was her, I would have been making a dash for the bus once the last session ended.


it is funny.

Josh Sczebel said...

i am going to email you and bek and jess and pam. but my email is not really functioning right now. haha. it is coming. i don't know about that whole "qualified to do an NA post" i think i am the least qualified.

joel sczebel said...

Well I'm not more qualified than you are, so I'm not going to do it.

Brittany said...

Well, will someone please do it?!

Delian said...

I'd have to agree... someone just do it ;)

me said...

ok, this is late to comment, but i think you mean "courtable", deary. and i managed to avoid certain people with the girls help. thanks dami

Anonymous said...

Uh Damaris can i have your dads e-mail adress?;)

the ninny mouse