setting sail. facing west.

This morning, our baby church was officially sent out. What a morning! What a paradox of sadness and tears and exhilaration.
How do you begin describing the myriad of emotions and thoughts? You look at the wet faces of your friends and realize you're crying a bit too. I don't want to paint the wrong picture. It's a good sad. After all, if the body of Christ didn't grieve when they separated it'd be wierd. As hard as it is to be leaving, I think it might be easier. We have the anticipation of adventure. Much more joy than sorrow. Oh, it truly was a joyous day. This was the beginning, the start of following God with no idea what's around the bend.
For me, reality set in immediately. As I walked in the door, it slammed into me like a freight train: "this is for real. We're actually leaving." I haven't really belonged here for a while, but it's still strange beyond all reason.

Viki sang "Mercies Anew" over us. Such a good reminder of where our strength and joy comes from.

Hopefully that made a little sense, and gave you a teensy taste of what went on today. I'm rather exhausted, emotionally and physically. Spiritually though, I can truly say that I'm soaring on the wings of eagles. God is good. I'll leave you with something a friend wrote. She gave it to me this morning and it's too good not to share. (i think so, as 2 of my favorite "loves" are the stars and the picture of Christ as our King.)
out into the sunset.

"Two stars once met in their swirling courses above
They rejoiced and shared a sisterly love
Together they cast thier silvery light
Illuminating the darkest of nights
The sisters watched as the earth spun round
Had adventures, delighting in the friendship they'd found
They confided in one another, sharing their hearts
Telling secrets and dreams, never thinking they'd part
But the high King of heaven had a different plan
For the lives of the stars He held in His hands
One was to stay and one was to go
Out into the universe, proclaiming high and low
The Works of the King, His strength and His might
Inviting all to come and fight the good fight
The stars were shocked, dismayed, aghast
Then they remembered His plan is best
Thier parting was sad, but all was not lost
They knew their paths were destined to cross
One day when the stars would no longer roam
The glorious King would call them all home
Then their golden rays would be refined
Their dross consumed, their past redefined
But until that wonderful, triumphant day
Each had an important part to play
In the kingdom of heaven, His magnificent realm
With Christ, the all-splendid King at the helm."
~a. s.~


joe. said...

comments seem unnecessary on such a post.
too good.

joe. said...

haha. I'm going to be the only one to comment.
Serious posts are hard to comment on.

Josh Sczebel said...

shocks, pegs.......lucky.

no. in all honesty that poem was amazing. it seriously affected me. just to think that our little church could be having this same thing happen in a couple of years is kinda exciting but sad in the same moment.

watch the spelling errors dami. can you say SPELLCHECK? or do they not have that on PC's? or does it look like "Pellsheck" to you?

sorry. that whole thing was mean. although so was the self-portrait dis on my blog. count us even.

HAHA.i changed the picture because i was so concerned by your comment.

dams said...

"spell check". there i said it.
blogger doesn't have one. i looked.

it is a beautiful poem. in fact i'm putting a copy on my wall.

ali said...

aw dami. aw amber! aw everyone in florida. excellent poem amber and good post dams.

joe. said...

I think joshers was trying to get you back for that diss on his blog.

Brittany said...

And her post was so serious.

dams said...

joe i'm not stupid. just dyslexic. big difference.

serious? really?

((taht would be saracasm;)

joe. said...

I know.

joe. said...

I'm dyslexic too.
If I read something then try to remember it later, I remember it backwards.

Brittany said...

I'm just lucky if I remember it at all:-)

eeyore said...

i cried 1 time only once cuz im the one who cried all week.

ill miss you mikey!!!!

j. said...

who was that?

Brittany said...

I'm confused. I am not sure who that was.

damaris said...

my bro. he'll be missing lauren's little bro.

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