oranges and sunshine

((title has nothing to do with this post. it's orange season)) {{WARNING: this is a really random, rambling post like the older ones}}

What an insane good weekend. Many evidances of God's grace. Very little sleep. Lots of coffee, biblical fellowship and laughter.
Sunday was 'super-good'. It was great to hear Pat lead worship. He did a wonderful job. oh, but was it Awkward. I've just been sent out to plant a church and I'm back the next week! but Grace will be there a long time and our 1st public meeting isn't for 2 more weeks. A Sczebel is a rare occasion. The heart issue of why I didn't want to go was just pride. Not wanting others to think I was uncommitted lol. Thank God for mums who aren't afraid to show us our sin.
Another example of God's grace.....in a really funny story.
Sunday afternoon. Driving to pick up Britt's lil sis and take her to b-ball. The road is residential, but not a neighborhood. I assume the speed limit is 35 m.p.h. Not really paying attention to my speed. Guess what. Britt forgot to tell me. Cops like to set speed traps there. I was pulled over. 1st time.
Britt then tells me the speed limit is 25. What? The cop walks over and talks to me. I was doing almost 36. OUCH. But he let me go. I started laughing. Pretty crazy. "Wow God. Thank you so much!" "That is the best cop ever!" No I didn't cry, I can't fake cry.
dad doesn't know, I don't think. Unless he reads my blog. Umm hi dad...

Thanks to Pats for hangin' out with a bunch of crazy kids Sunday night. (and for the alligator wrestling demonstration) Thanks to Suzie & Steph for hangin' with us. And to the Sutters for hosting us. (mrs. s I still can't believe the starbucks thing!!).

Post Script:
THANKS ALY for the new mini sharpie!! Thanks to the Bro's. I heard ya'll helped.
And for the smarties. Canadian smarties are way better than the U.S. kind. And for the note. I wrote you a letter after reading it. As for the sharpie, I carry it around in my pocket. It goes everywhere I do. Used it yesterday. During physical therapy I colored my right pinkie. (my left is always intact). Then my thumbnail. And i drew on my hand. It worked. I didn't notice the torture as much. :) Thanks for reminding us why we liked Vancouver so much.

~off for real this time~~


joe. said...

I like the title.
I like oranges.
I want an orange tree.

Josh Sczebel said...

you "LIKED" it?
what does that mean.?

Brittany said...

Hahahah. I did feel pretty bad, Damaris b/c I am constantly warning people but I just completly forgot to tell you. Soooooorrry! It was pretty funny though:-) After the shock of it.

dams said...

i assume you're talking about vancouver.
i was saying that the reason we liked (meaning enjoyed, etc) being there so much was mainly because of the people.
guess i should've said "loved" instead of "liked". but then ya'll would start tempting me to move again....

are you happy yet? or should i go on?

joe. said...


Brittany said...

We loved Vancouver!

Josh Sczebel said...



your ali said...

please move. it is raining again. oh stink!

thanks for the 'post script' dami. not just a 'shout out' a post script. wow. thanks. and the boys didn't help at all.

joel sczebel said...

The boys had the sharpie idea not you Al.


You can move if you want to, but no matter how nice Vancouver is in the summer, it's cold and wet in the winter. Not to mention you met all of us in the summer. People get a little less cool in the winter. It's the months of depressing rain.


Brittany said...

I know. So move here in the winter and we will move there in the summer!

ali said...

sharpie idea was me JOE! You claimed you had thought of it after I had already suggested it. Hoser.

Brittany said...


Brian Wells said...

damaris is moving no where. i have taken her license.

hi damaris

i read EVERYONES blog

BTW - month's of depressing rain. is that why grunge originated in the NE?
teenage angst + depressing rain = grunge

joel sczebel said...

Three things....

I don't know what grunge is.

And I don't know what NE is.

I guess that's actually only two.

haha. I'm tired.

Brittany said...

Northeast? Grunge, maybe means wet?

damaris said...

n. Slang
1) Filth; dirt.
2) A style of rock music that incorporates elements of punk rock and heavy metal, popularized in the early 1990s and often marked by lyrics exhibiting nihilism, dissatisfaction, or apathy.

dad.....vancouver is in the NorthWEST. that'd be NW. not East.
hahaha and he says he's not dyslexic!!

(he's partially right. i'm not moving right now. but i'm certainly not living in fl for the rest of my life either! i think he's got Oldest Daughter Syndrome.)

ali said...

mr wells we love your daughter!

pami said...

My parents didn't want me to move either, but here i am! I love vancouver! I love the Sczebels! and I love Dami!!!!! I think she should come see us all here in the NorthWest! heehee!!!!

joe. said...

Good explanationism.