it's not snowing

"What? No snow in florida?"
"Nope. 'fraid not".
"Gosh. Don't you know it's snowing everywhere else?"
"Still not snowing. Ever."
"NEVER? What kind of state are you??!!"
"uuuhh good question...I think we're oranges and sunshine".
"Hey, that sounds nice."
*snort of derision* "if you consider sweating in Nov. to be good..."
It's snowing in New York, Canada, and I expect a phone call from my cousins telling me that it's snowing in Ashburn, VA...ok i just said that cause it sounded good. i actually have no idea what VA weather is right now.
Well, it's that time of year again. Annual shin splints. They're not bad. I can still dance. I don't mind them so much cause I read more while I'm icing them. The only problem is I'm supposed to do RICE. rest is not an option. but i do "vegetable therapy" as mum says. (frozen peas or corn work well. better than ice. ice is annoyingly messy. it insists on melting). Lauren. Pray for her cause she was sick. Is she better? Is she playing tonight? There were TRA b-ball games but I couldn't go.

I'm hungry. really hungry. made spicy white chili for dinner. it was good except NEVER WIPE YOUR EYES WHEN YOU'RE CHOPPING ONION! (it's like getting bleach in your eye. yes that's from experiance.) the biscuits burned. must be a hard choice as a mom: teaching your children how not to kill each other or keeping dinner from burning. In parting, I agree with Danny Jones: "There is on such thing as normal".


smad said...

um its long and strange.

Delian said...

if it makes you feel better we don't have any snow right now... it was 60 degrees yesterday!!! I couldn't believe it!!! Mad fun!

leoj. said...

Don't feel bad dams. Cold is only cool until you wake up in the middle of the night and for some reason you are standing in the snow with bare feet. Not that it has ever happened to me, I just can imagine it.

I really enjoy being cold, and I love the smell of cold air, but then I'm a canadian and we are just more used to it. But you might find yourself wishing for a nice humid, overcast, warm day after a while. I personally am eagerly looking forward to a day or two in el paso in march, and winter has not reached it's coldest yet.

ahh well. I'm glad you explained shin splints. i had no idea what they were. I think I've had them before, I just didn't know what it was.

Delian said...

Warm weather is always better than cold weather... you can do so many more things when its warm outside, and the cold is fun only for a little bit!

Brittany said...

Lauren is feeling better and her team won for the first time last night! (I think it was b/c I was there cheering:=)