pictures.of ocean.from.10.10.05

these are some pics i took when my family went to the beach.shore.atlantic ocean. a few wks ago. It was a great day. The water was cool--some of my fam would call it cold. I think it was perfect--the waves were wild. Strong current. If you went out too far you'd be pulled out to where the little sharks live. I love the ocean. I don't care if it's the pacific or atlantic but I couldn't live too far away from it. (6hrs being too far). I've found that I can live without mountains, as i have too; but the ocean...ONLY if God calls me too.

Amber--so that's what a shout out is. Never really knew. Umm so sorry to have left you out but see I only posted on what people had commented. now you get one all to yourself.

hopefully this isn't too long for ya. haha. (now do you see why i was so excited to walk on the dunes at white rock? we have none).


dams said...

post script

"when i look at the staaaaarrrss..."

they are huge and sparkly tonight.

yes aly i am obsessed with them...

Josh Sczebel said...


that water is probably warmer than a hot summer day in vancouver.

blimy britt said...

Very pretty pictures.

joel sczebel said...

Pictures can tell a thousand tales,
Of hedgehogs mice and humpback whales,
Of times that long ago have gone,
Of places where the sun has shone,
Of worlds and spheres of time and space,
Of forests or an empty place,
Of people either near or far,
Of galaxies and shining stars,
In a thousand voices they,
Speak to old and young in ways,
The tongue could not with grace express,
Or tell with such bright countenance.

nice pics dams. i wish I could see it for real, but these are nice for the meanwhile.

dams said...

true joshers, the water was in the 70s. except when you're in vancouver those summer days feel really hot...acclimation, eh? :)

joe, when ya'll come down we'll take you to that beach;'cause the daytona ones have dumb old buildings....

Amber said...

Thank you Dami! =)