overdue post

Sorry ya'll. I actually was busy. Unlike Joel. Nobody yelled at me for not posting. Wow. Thanks. Either people are getting busy real lives or they are just patient.
Had an adventure Friday. Which was NOT marvelous. So crazy. I learned a lesson in flexibilty and down-and-dirty service. oh my.
There was a "lock-in" for Metro's Missionettes. (missionettes is girls meeting. learn a biblical lesson and do projects to earn badges. like girl scouts.) Bre is in Stars and I'm a teacher for her class so I had to go.
The volleyball tournament was moved to the same night, which kept our girls up much later than we'd planned. ((Aside:Stephen has the canada video almost done (yippeee) but is busy with deadlines for real projects. i'm not going to ask him to hurry. Amber and Britt: ooohh maaann. i am so stupid!))

We put the girls to bed at midnight. Tina and I had the bright idea to sleep on the couches in the foyer. We're standing in the doorway to the gym talking and one of my girls runs in...and throws up. On the carpet. She said it happened a lot and seemed fine so we sent her back to bed. Cleaning puke off the floor at 3:46 in the morning. Sanctifying experiance. At 4:30 Kinsey is sick again. (she made it to the washroom). We didn't want to call her mom til a more sane hour. Which turned out to be 5:30; when she threw up yet agian. Her little sister commenced to join her misery. Poor Mrs. Shaffer picked her girls up at 6:30. I laid down on the couch and watched the light growing until 7:22 when i decided I may as well get up. I managed to drive home in the morning on 2 1/2 hrs of sleep without killing my sister or myself. Thank God.
I promptly crashed on the floor of my room and slept about 2 hours. Then went to deluge at 6. We only have it once a month so it takes a lot to keep me home. It was worth it. We sang my favorite songs.
We had to take rebekah home becasue she has a car but no license. dork. she should give the car to the person who drives her until she can drive herself...

that is my weekend.
my fam is watching some bmx thing on tv. those guys are insane but i have to confess it looks fun.


prince Harry. said...

good adventure. you should write a book.

Josh Sczebel said...

that was long.
and really boring.

rebekah said...

yeah. it was boring, for one who has heard it already. so i didnt need to read it, but i wanted to see how you worded everything. thankyou for calling me, even if it was at the time i should have left, which of course i didnt b/c no one would take me... silly family people... damaris, you can drive my car, i suppose you are strong enough to handle it.
ok, sorry that was long.