literature. ?

Miss Bennet (Elizabeth) apologizes for the lack of posts due to busy-ness. she's sorry for not being faithful but glad she can post whatever she might choose (not "chose")
...where was i? oh yes. Monday. on Monday i did school. then i picked dad up from work after dance, which ends at 8pm. But I got home much later. Things happened. What follows could be called one of my "marvelous adventures". Except I've never had one; I've only wished too. I'm not quite sure what a "marvelous adventure" is. but here's a story anyway:
We had devotions at the end of class instead of the beginning. Causing some of us to {fall asleep}. I just laid my head on the floor to "rest" but it became half-awake-half-asleep-couldn't-move-if-i-wanted-to...very unusual for me. i don't fall asleep just anywhere...SO I leave dance late. Then there's a train. It's driving down Oakridge I realize that I've never come from this direction. I figured it'd be easy. It's a tiny side road off the main road, unadvertised and all because of certain buildings about which we do not speak. When I reach john young blvd, I know I shouldn't be there already. bummer. Usually I figure my way around by myself. despite being dyslexic. (haha). I can't find the cell in the dark. And I can't pull over. That part of orlando is where a little white girl shouldn't be alone after dark. Eventually Dad called and I found the ringing phone. There you have it. I got lost for the first time. stink. I laughed the whole time because only I would be lost in the ghetto. probably cause I'm not scared of things like that. I'm only scared by killer bees, heights, and suffocation. But those are other stories.

Hopefully that's not too boring. I'm rather pleased to find that my crazy posts which are so liberally picked apart are considered literature. for being so nice about your humble request i will tell you that in reality your nose is not really big....haha.
aly there are no stars here tonite so don't feel bad.
thanks for the coldplay; it was much enjoyed and appreciated. i could even imagine mr martin's voice (and accent) now i'm going to bed because i'm being threatened with the title of "sick". i just got rid of it. that word can only apply to me when i have a high fever.

"there's nothing wrong with me/its just that i believe things could get better"


damaris said...

sorry that got waaaayyy loooong!!
hahahaha the writer in me was a little adhd i believe....

joel sczebel said...

I am glad someone writes long posts, because i haven't been able to lately. good post. I don't like being lost. most unpleasant. don't get ill again either.

Brittany said...

That was a loooong post. But it was funny. I can so picture you getting lost in the bad side of town. Don't do it again!

rebekah said...

that was your first time getting lost? not bad. "you've done well, my young padawan." not that i had anything to do with it, i just had to add that in.

oh, and i know you've been listening to dcb before you knew the sczebels- i meant that i was thanking them for telling you how good the new cd was so as to help you along in the process of buying it, therefore allowing me to listen and like :)

still working on getting her own blog,

Brittany said...

Yeah Damris, if you get the CD then I can just borrow it from you!

Josh Sczebel said...

i think i heard that story before.....oh wait.....i think you just get lost all the time.....maybe that is it........yeah i think so.
i didn't read the whole thing though to much..