"Maybe you feel like a child who has wronged their parent one too many times, perhaps the fear of what they will do overcomes you to the point that you choose to never return home.
You have carried on in your ways for so long that you feel completely lost, so you weep thinking that there is no hope in the life you find yourself in. Oh beloved, you are never too stained for the Groom. You have but to return, and your beauty will be restored. Oh beloved, take your weary and burdened heart to the King, so that He may breathe life back into it. Oh beloved, return once more to the only home we have ever known. Return once more to the land that is good and pure, where our presence is greeted with a kiss and an embrace. Oh beloved, Christ is calling you back, he is calling you by name because he longs to make you whole again. You are never too far gone to walk back into the presence of God, your invitation can never be revoked. You may fall and wander, becoming a slave to sin and shame, but you are not defined by this world, you are forever the bride of Christ. This is the hope of salvation, that we are known by God even when we have forgotten it ourselves.
Oh beloved, you are welcomed to the feast."
— T.B. LaBerge // Return Home

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