thursday beautiful

first time for everything: I skipped two of my three classes Thursday. the first was an accident of sleeping through my alarm. this led to a spontaneous beach trip with my best friend & her bf who are down from va. it's probably why I got so many concepts messed up on my A&P II exam. but guess what?

I'm so ok with that. 

I needed time with my best friend since age 5. she who truly deeply  _knows_ me. there are so few who do physically present in my life these days.

I needed blue expanses. their space for my eyes. needed the wildness of a cold violent sea. needed the salty air in its March state of continual frenzy, stinging my skin with sand and somehow scrubbing my soul as well. 

thank you Jesus for the ocean, for 20 year friendships, for personal freedom, for mental health breaks. 

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