photo by beks. abi me & lizzy, Cape Canaveral, 2013

life is beautiful:

chocolate almond milk + leftover coffee + ice = healthier motivator

roof over my head on this cold & rainy night

my bed that i don't see much of (complaining about having only 1 set of sheets & how hard that makes it to wash em when i realized one of my friends is sleeping on her floor bc she can't afford a bed.)


so many gifted musicians who appreciate beauty & depth, who combine courage & vulnerability and write themselves into music-lyrics. my life is so much richer by good honest music.

skype & viber & imessage & VK. which make thousands of miles bearable

Jesus delights in me _period_ even when i don't feel worth delighting in, even when i'm not acting very delightful

my friends seriously rock the world. literally.

i'm 25 and i still get to live with my famjam.  which is often a source of whining and shame for me, but it shouldn't be. i love them. i want to treasure this time so badly & make memories & really love them selflessly and say screw how others judge me. i won't be here for the majority of my life (probably) because

i still have most of my life ahead of me (God willing)

wow. beautiful thought! i have time. time to grow & learn & mature

A & P II is the best. class. ever. even if i just failed the first exam.


Laura W. said...

Beautiful. <3

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