life comes at you fast

photocredit: whoever snapped the "just engaged glow"}

Three little girls huddled in a confidential circle, whispering long after they were supposed to be asleep. Sharing secrets? No, they were wedding planners. 10-yr-old Steph was sharing her vast wealth of knowledge on the subject. Thier own weddings seemed too far away to even be certain--after high school, years of college...who knew where they'd be scattered? So they made a "pact": promising to fly to each other's weddings.
10 years later, that night is long forgotten. The three girls are still friends, still staying up long after they should be asleep, and high school is a thing of the past. But on this particular November evening they're flipping through bridal magazines...planning weddings? Not exactly. One wedding. Steph has a guy and his ring on her finger. "Beks, can you believe we'll be bridesmaids in 6 months?" "Yeah, we get to be pretty!!!" (hhmmm...)

Beks & I said she'd be engaged by December. I was prepared. But I wasn't prepared for my emotions to be so involved. (my fam didn't either. they're laughing at the change: a dams who gets suddenly hyper for no apparent reason, who became girly overnight) Steph has truly been a good sister to me. She's blessed me with her transparency, sharing what God was doing through the courtship. She made us laugh with her hyperness after dates, and told us all about the preciousness of mike. (who has set an awfully high standard!) There is something almost bittersweet about the first of your closest friend's engagment. It feels like we're big people for real now...it's more fun than we thought, eh beks?
"I give you leave to like him. You've liked many a stupider person..."

(i've always wanted to use that quote. steph and mike are very much jane and bingley!)


dell said...

that is a great quote, and I can't stop laughing.
I can't wait till all of my friends start getting engaged ;-). jst jk. lol.

bored said...


Elizabeth said...

ah dams. aw beks.

i miss you guys. congratulations steph. although you don't know me, i have heard alot about you.

Andrew said...

Hey, umm I took your advice and didn't rea the post, although congarts and best wishes to whoever it's about!

Actualy, I just wanted to say that I may see some of you guys in a little while since we are going down that'a'way to visit cousins in Tallahasea (spelled wrong I think) and then on to Orlando to visit some shops that carry our jewlry, so we may be able to come to your church (although nothing is for sure).

in grace abiding said...

Andrew, that would be great. we love to have visitors.